Sentence Development Tutorials

  1. Sentence Fragments
  2. Run-Together Sentences
  3. Basic Subject-Verb Agreement
  4. Advanced Subject-Verb Agreement
  5. Pronoun Agreement
  6. Past Tense
  7. Special Tenses
  8. Use of Apostrophes with Possessives and Contractions
  9. Homonyms
  10. Joining Ideas (Coordination & Subordination)
  11. Noun Phrase Appositives
  12. Verbal Phrases
  13. Sentence Focus
  14. Summarizing and Paraphrasing
  15. Using Quotations
  16. Correlatives
  17. Parallel Structure
  18. Adjective Clauses
  19. Writing Concisely
  20. The Concessive Sentence
  21. Using Commas

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