Jigsaw research project on the Victorian era

Jigsaw project

In order to delve more deeply into the many currents in Victorian intellectual history, we will divide the work into smaller research and small-group oral presentation projects (no written work will be turned in), which together will complete (at least part of) a whole jigsaw.
Below you are assigned a number from 1 to 5. Use your number to find which topic you are assigned:
1. Utilitarianism
2. Positivism
3. Social Darwinism
4. Laissez-Faire Capitalism
5. New Victorian Woman
Much information about your topic can be found at victorianweb.org or other online sources. The discussions will be informal and no source lists will be turned in, so various encyclopedia sites – including Stanford’s excellent Encyclopedia of Philosophy at http://plato.stanford.edu/ – or even Wikipedia may be used.
Tuesday, we will discuss the project, and I’ll answer any questions you have. During the week, you’ll research your topic and collect notes. Thursday, people who share the same topic will workshop together to pool research. Tuesday 11/18, you will get another chance to workshop. Thursday 11/20, individuals will present their findings to mixed groups (1-5) in brief presentations of 4-5 minutes.
Karla 3
Adil 4
Sheree 4
Lina 1
Shara 2
Clint 3
Chelsea 4
Luis 1
Gloria 5
Jared C. 3
Estefani 5
Jared H. 2
Bala 1
Wenkai 1
Xiuting 5
Wenjun 4
Joseph 4
Alice 1
Thant 5
Estrellita 2
Sylvia 3
Adam 2
Bella 3
Damon 2

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