CCSF Fall 2014 English Students

January 20, 2010

Welcome English 96 and 1B students!

This will be the course website where you’ll be able to find materials and news updates for the course. Along the right hand side of this page, there is a column of links to your course materials and homework (make sure not to confuse the different courses I am teaching: Homework CCSF ENGL 96 and 1B are both here). Currently there are numerous links to materials used by last semester’s classes. Those will be removed or updated over the next few days to reflect this semester’s schedule. I hope you find the site helpful and easy to work with.

Students in all courses will need to print, fill out, and bring to class the Student Information & Syllabus Acceptance form.

Syllabus and Info Form ENGL 96 Sec 029

Syllabus and Info Form ENGL 1B Sec 040

–for the Student Information form, please download, fill-out, and either bring to next class or email as an attachment
–This is a PDF, not a live form, so you will need to create a new document to fill it out